Tennessee trash ruining the beauty of our area

Letter To The Editor • Dec 15, 2015 at 11:43 AM

Tennessee trash ruining the beauty of our area

You know who you are: throwing out trash all over the roads and making a mess for someone else to pick up, or worse, leaving it there to ruin the beauty of our area. It sickens me to see cans, fast food cups and bags all over the side of the road. I frequently pass an area where a trash can has turned over weeks ago and the trash can is less than a foot away and yet you don’t pick it up. Is it that people are not teaching their children to respect others anymore?

I think it should be mentioned in schools, and advertisements should be shown on TV again like the “Tennessee Trash” video that was on several years ago. Why bother to put up Christmas decorations with trash in front of your yard?

Linda Hance, Kingsport

Glad to see Nativity scene

I was so glad to see the Nativity scene return to Church Circle. After much controversy, God bless our city officials who would not bow to those who do not embrace the love, joy and peace of Jesus.

Christmas trees and Santa cannot bring eternal peace, joy and love. I wish this holiday season that everyone would find eternal peace, joy and love in Jesus, the reason for the season.

Anthony Roberts, Kingsport

Veterans deserve more

Veterans Day has come and gone. Why can’t every day be Veterans Day? “Thank you for your service” just doesn’t seem to be enough. Many military veterans risked their lives, were separated from their families, went places where no one would ever go on their own, and fought for you and me. My father once said you can never get married if you go in the military. I believe he was right. Most people would not believe the problems a married military man faces day in and day out. If he has children, it is even harder with all the different moves his family has to go through. In many instances, children have to change schools, and wives have to change jobs. Veterans Day is nice with some restaurants giving special meals and all the parades. But doesn’t a veteran deserve more? Only one other died for all of us.

Remember our soldiers especially who fought in the Vietnam War. They never got the respect they earned, although many died and many were seriously wounded defending our country. Every day should be Veterans Day. Let the veteran know every day you appreciate his service to our country.

Dave Gander, Kingsport

Obama taking country down

Obama is purposely taking our country down. I firmly believe he is deliberately doing so as do many of my friends. He does not believe in American exceptionalism as he evidently thinks we are an imperialist nation. I think he is brilliant and certainly knows what he is doing. It is amazing how much he has accomplished in his seven years in office to meet his objectives of radically changing our country. His worst mistake is, along with John Kerry, the nuclear treaty which was to not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons for at least 10 years. They are apparently proceeding on getting a bomb. They are also proceeding with development of longrange missiles. They may even be working with North Korea on these developments. Many concessions were made to Iran to get the treaty. Common sense says that Iran cannot be trusted.

His dealings with ISIS may be his second worst blunder. He refused to leave a security force in Iraq after the country was stabilized. He went against the advice of his military advisers as the U.S. normally leaves a security force after a war is over. ISIS came into Iraq and filled this vacuum and captured the military equipment we left.

He apparently does not grasp the horrible threat of militant Islam and refuses to even call it by this name. He has no coherent plan to defeat ISIS and is not giving leadership to the world. Illegal immigration is a huge problem in America, and Obama has refused to adequately seal our borders. His latest proposal to admit 10,000 plus Syrian refugees to come in could be disastrous as the FBI has evidence that Muslim extremists are planning to enter with the refugees.

Phil Farrow, Kingsport