Taxpayers don’t need to pay for Sullivan mayor’s vehicle

Letter To The Editor • Nov 19, 2015 at 10:42 AM

Taxpayers don’t need to pay for Sullivan mayor’s vehicle

Shame on the Sullivan County Commission. Just weeks after a significant increase in property taxes the mayor called a special meeting of the budget committee to request he be paid a vehicle allowance of $650 a month. To state that this money was already allocated in this year’s budget is just an example of a run amok commission that cares nothing for the taxpayers they represent. I thought Republicans were supposed to be fiscally responsible. Apparently that is not the case here. The article reported that former mayor Godsey purchased multiple vehicles during his eight-year tenure. What became of those? I communicated my displeasure about this situation to my commissioners. One of them was not aware of it, and the other stated that this has been in place for many years and that they don’t know why it was overlooked in the budget process.

To continue to do something just because that is the way it has always been is just an excuse and never turns out well. The mayor makes over $100,000 per year. Why in the world does he need additional money to operate a vehicle? All I am allowed to do is keep track of my mileage and get a deduction for it on my federal taxes. He should do the same and not expect the taxpayers to pay more than they already do. This is not responsible government. Saving money is everyone’s responsibility.

Lori Love, Kingsport

SR 346 needs paving

For the past few months I have noticed that most of our area roads, whether state, city or county, have an increasing number of potholes. If I did not know better I would think that we had just come out of a very severe winter and good weather was needed to start repairing our roads. I would think that the road maintenance crews would be out now during the perfect weather we are having patching these potholes getting ready for winter. I can’t imagine what we will be facing if nothing is done before winter is over.

State Route 346 (West Carters Valley Road, two miles in Sullivan County) is desperately in need of being rebuilt to the very minimum of the Hawkins County portion. This portion of SR 346 has the most traffic of which most is coming from Hawkins County. The Hawkins portion was improved about three years ago and is a very good road. Why do our Sullivan County representatives not demand that the state make improvements to the two miles in Sullivan that have the most traffic? I think the problem with nothing being done to improve this road is because it is a state road, with part of it being in the city of Kingsport, thus no one wants to be responsible for its upkeep.

Nile Shoemaker, Kingsport

I choose Rosa Parks

She intentionally bought a ticket. She intentionally sat in her designated section. She intentionally stayed seated. Unintentionally she justifiably entered the nation’s consciousness. She and her actions are irreconcilable with the intentions of several college campuses’ recent temper tantrums. Who would make the better poster child to illustrate a cause for a movement? I choose Rosa Parks.

Barbara Lee Hackett, Kingsport