Tennessee sees more than 2,100 COVID-19 cases in two days

Mike Still • Jun 29, 2020 at 4:02 PM

Tennessee saw more than 2,100 new COVID-19 cases in two days, according to reports a day after the state’s communicable disease data system crashed.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health webpage (www.tn.gov/health/cedep/ncov), 2,125 new cases and eight deaths were reported since Saturday’s data post for pandemic totals of 42,297 and 592, respectively. The latest case update represents an average of 1,062 cases for each of the past two days.

Northeast Tennessee saw 26 new cases in the region since Saturday. Hawkins added four cases for a total of 49 and two deaths, while Sullivan County’s total rose by four to 87 cases and two deaths.

Washington and Greene counties posted the highest increases in the region — seven cases each — for 128 cases and no deaths and 81 and two deaths, respectively.

Carter County’s pandemic total since Saturday rose three cases to 52 and one death, while Johnson County added one case for 35 and no deaths.

Unicoi County saw no new cases since Saturday, remaining at 53 and no deaths.

Statewide, total testing stood at 727,268 since Saturday, for 11.37% of the state’s population of 6.83 million. Of total tests to date, 48,873 have been positive for COVID-19 and 727,985 negative.

In Northeast Tennessee, Monday’s testing results by county stood at:

— Hawkins, 2,868 (62 positive, 2,806 negative) of 56,786 residents, or 5.05%.

— Sullivan, 6,563 (91 positive, 6,472 negative) of 158,348, or 4.15%.

— Washington, 6,311 (149 positive, 6,162 negative) of 129,375, or 5.07%.

— Johnson, 2,522 (35 positive, 2,487 negative) of 17,788, or 11.18%.

— Carter, 2,739 (49 positive, 2,513 negative) of 56,391, or 4.86%.

— Greene, 3,614 (85 positive, 3,529 negative) of 69,069, or 5.23%.

-— Unicoi, 1,304 (58 positive, 1,246 negative) of 17,883, or 7.29%.

According to the Virginia Department of Health’s tracking webpage (www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus), the LENOWISCO Health District remained at a total of 50 cases and four deaths. Lee County remained at nine cases and no deaths Monday. Wise County remained at 27 cases and two deaths, Scott County remained at 10 cases and two deaths, and Norton stayed at four cases and no deaths.

Statewide, Virginia reported a pandemic total of 62,189 cases and 1,740 deaths Monday — increases of 453 and eight, respectively. The statewide testing rate for people with nasal swab and blood tests was 702,110 of 8.63 million state residents, or 8.14%. For nasal swab testing only, 633,705 people have been tested to date, or 7.34%.

In the LENOWISCO district, according to Monday’s online data, 3,493 of the district’s population of 86,471 have been tested via nasal swab sample for COVID-19, or 4.04%.

Test rates by locality were:

— Lee County, 7 of 23,423, or 3.16%

— Norton, 456 of 3,981, or 11.45%

— Wise County, 1,427 of 37,383, or 3.82%

— Scott County, 871 of 21,566, or 4.04%

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