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Of One Accord's Global Missions: One man’s dream to touch the world

SHELDON LIVESAY • Apr 6, 2020 at 9:00 PM

Nineteen years ago April 1, Charlie Price approached Of One Accord Ministry asking them to consider expanding their ministry efforts outside Hawkins and Hancock counties to serve in some foreign nations he had traveled to.

Price, who had become more involved in church work, began in 1998 taking mission trips, never dreaming to find the depths of poverty he saw with children literally starving to death before his eyes. In most countries there is a Christian presence, but Price learned the native pastors felt helpless watching starvation because they had no money to intervene. This is where Price had an idea but needed to partner with an established nonprofit to make it happen.

Price offered to become the global missions director, working as a volunteer and raising the money to initiate a program that would initially touch five foreign nations. Looking back now, Price is amazed that in 19 short years, over two million meals have been served to starving children and services given valued at $4.5 million with 62,169 people coming to Christ. The world is being touched from right here in Rogersville, Tennessee.

The initial focus of what would become Of One Accord Global Missions was finding worthy pastors or ministries native to each country who could do the work if they simply were funded. It just happened Price never expected the results he has seen. In Haiti alone, supported pastor Luc St. Felix has started and built 60 village churches, started 16 schools, dug three wells, and built a pastors training center over his church in Port-au-Prince.

In other countries, Rogersville support has seen similar growth, including work with lepers in India, the persecuted church in Bangladesh, and building a Christian radio station in a Muslim-based city of 300,000 in Africa. Price stated he spent a lot of his time traveling to these countries, both to encourage the pastors and to insure that funds were wisely used.

When asked about his favorite memory, Price stated that he was in the Philippines and asked during a church service to pray for people. One lady had cancer and Charlie simply prayed a short prayer, “By his stripes, you are healed.” People standing all around felt he should have prayed a long prayer, but once back home, he got a call saying this lady was completely healed.

Price stated, “It’s one thing to see poverty. It’s a whole different thing to stand in the middle of it and it spread as far as the eye can see. You never forget what you see.”

It is what he saw that compelled him to action.

Price continued in his position until 2006 where two men have followed as global mission directors, while Charlie felt he should become one of the ministry’s permanent staff. Marvin Tapp, who followed Price, later left to take a position driving a truck for Operation Blessing out of Virginia Beach, but then Dr. Bill Sawyer agreed to become the current director. Sawyer was himself one of the missionaries in Argentina who was sponsored by Of One Accord Global Missions. Sawyer, who moved his family back to the States, feels he has seen both sides of things. He adds another component to global missions as he travels abroad. He is able to do pastor training and evangelist crusades.

Many of the churches see their natural job as birthing other churches, so as Sawyer travels abroad, a pastors conference might involve more than 100 pastors.

Due to low record keeping in these nations, Price believes actual numbers are much high than reported.

Price has received several recognitions for his work abroad including a Senate Proclamation and has amassed over 10,000 volunteer hours in his efforts.

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